1) Second highest recipient of Pharma donations. 

2) Opposes lower drug cost legislation.

3) Admitted on television that President Trump ordered the assassination of the Iranian General to distract from the Impeachment trial. ​

3) Accepted $111,000 from indicted 

Giuliani associate, Lev Parnas.

4) Pathological Liar.

5) Loves the film CATS.

Officially Endorses: 

Kim Mangone For Congress!

And then there's this...When the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued his report on the origins of the investigation into the Russia scandal, McCarthy chose NOT to read the report at all, preferring instead to make stuff up to help Donald Trump:

“Well, if you pause for one moment and you read this I.G. report by Horowitz, here’s the FBI, they broke into President Trump – at the time, candidate Trump’s – campaign, spied on him, and then they covered it up."

“It is a modern-day Watergate. And you’ve got Democrats who aren’t willing to even look into that. That is the area that we should be looking in. It’s a modern-day coup, the closest this country’s ever came to.

“But the only way you can compare this to is Watergate. They broke into his campaign by bringing people into it. They had been trying to cover it up for the whole time. Now the question rises, just like Watergate, who knew? When did they know it? And how high did this go up?”


Jane Doe

Kevin Lies.

Janet Doe

Kevin had an affair with a Republican colleague, which is in direct violation of house rules. He still hasn’t been investigated, even though the affair has been verified.

John Doe

Kevin sent me a pamphlet on "How to lie for The President." The cast list for the film, CATS, was also attached.